The Alumni Program was launched in 2009 as a continuum for Writing Program students to continue their journey towards recovery once released from juvenile hall. Our integrative services work to support healthy re-entry for thousands of individuals that have been impacted by the juvenile justice system. Our services are trauma-informed, culturally competent and address a full array of needs. By utilizing arts-based interventions as a means of engaging our students, we have proven to not only help youth understand and embrace restorative and transformative justice practices but also voice and articulate their thoughts and feelings in a way they never have that prepares them to be open to receiving and intentionally utilizing our services. In fact, our model of incorporating healing informed creative writing with intensive case management have enabled our ability to produce outcomes that help IOW achieve and maintain a recidivism rate of less than 10%, which is way below the state and national average which is roughly around 65%.

The Alumni Program is comprised of six interconnected components: 1) holistic case management, 2) life-skills workshops, 3) Writing Circles, 4) community engagement, 5) cultural events and 6) field trips. Our experience in successfully administering our program is rooted in faith and trust from funders such as the LA County Probation, the State of California and other private organizations, along with partnering community-based organizations and most importantly, the people we serve.

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