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The Youth Diversion Program

At InsideOUT Writers (IOW), we are dedicated to transforming the lives of justice-involved youth through our comprehensive Youth Diversion Program. This innovative initiative, rooted in trauma-informed and healing-centered principles, provides meaningful alternatives to incarceration for young individuals in Los Angeles County.

Our Youth Diversion Program works in collaboration with the Los Angeles County Division of Youth Diversion and Development (DYD), a trailblazing entity committed to creating pathways for youth to avoid the traditional justice system. By offering tailored, strength-based support services, we strive to address the root causes of delinquency and guide youth towards a positive and productive future.

Key Components of the Youth Diversion Program:

Comprehensive Case Management: Our dedicated case managers work closely with each participant to develop individualized, trauma-informed plans that address their unique needs. This includes connecting them with educational resources, mental health services, vocational training, and mentorship opportunities, fostering their strengths and resilience.

Restorative Practices: We employ restorative justice techniques that focus on healing, accountability, and the reintegration of youth into their communities. This approach builds empathy, responsibility, and constructive conflict resolution skills, emphasizing the importance of repairing harm and restoring relationships.

Creative Writing Workshops: Staying true to IOW’s roots, we offer creative writing workshops that provide a safe and expressive outlet for youth to explore their thoughts and emotions. These workshops foster self-awareness, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence, essential components of social-emotional learning.

Community Engagement: We engage families and community members in the diversion process, ensuring a support network that extends beyond our program. This holistic approach reinforces positive relationships and community ties, which are crucial for lasting change and healing.
Prosocial Activities and Cultural Field Trips: We offer an array of field trips to theme parks, nature, and various other experiences to open up the minds of the youth we serve.

Academic Reengagement: We work with our diverted youth to build Care Plans for them to successfully continue their education. IOW Case Managers advocate for reasonable accommodations, tutoring, and other necessary services to ensure academic success and personal growth.

Collaborative Partnerships: Working alongside law enforcement, schools, and community organizations, we ensure a coordinated effort in diverting youth from the justice system. These partnerships enhance our ability to provide comprehensive and effective support, fostering a community of care.

Ongoing Support: Our commitment to youth does not end with program completion. We offer continued support and follow-up services to help participants sustain their progress and achieve long-term success, emphasizing the importance of ongoing healing and growth.

By focusing on intervention and prevention, the Youth Diversion Program at InsideOUT Writers empowers young individuals to make positive choices and envision brighter futures. We believe that every youth deserves a chance to rewrite their story, and our program is dedicated to making that a reality through a compassionate, restorative, and strength-based approach

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