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Our re-entry and case management services through our Alumni Program include a thorough and detailed assessment of needs that are culturally responsive, strengths-based, healing-oriented and trauma-informed. Assessments are conducted to ensure that youth have Individual Action Plans and are linked to the appropriate care and services that will address their specific risks, medical, psychosocial, environmental, legal, financial, educational and physical needs and goals. Once risks, needs, and goals are determined, IOW provides Intensive Case Management that empowers youth to make informed decisions about their lives and provide hands-on support to ensure that they can access all necessary resources and systems with ease. Case management covers a broad range of needs and topics which includes, but is not limited to, mental health and substance use disorder treatment, legal services, education, and employment navigation strategies and tools to cope and deal with healing and trauma.  Dependent on the needs assessment of each Alum IOW may also utilize the services provided by partner organizations through a referral process, ensuring that there are no gaps in services.

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